Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hudson Valley Foliage

My hubby Mike loves to go hiking. Almost every other weekend so far its been nothing but boring rain. So when we woke up on Sunday morning last week we knew we had to take advantage of the clear day. We both had our hearts set on either going to Storm King or Manitoga. So he flipped a coin... and Manitoga it was! We got into the car and drove about an hour away to the Manitoga trails located in Garrison, NY. I forgot how much I loved fall foliage with the bursting arrangement of orange, red and yellow colors everywhere! I seriously wanted to take out a canvas and paint. 

When we got to the Manitoga trails I actually didn't know the grounds use to belong to Russel Wright, a modern industrial designer during the 20th century. When I got home I looked up his work and I was highly impressed and inspired. He created some of the most stylish and simple dinnerware, furniture and textiles to date. He lived in the middle of woods and had an amazing modern day house that looks like it was built today.

manitoga garrison ny

As we walked futher into the woods I noticed how amazing the scenery was. I found a tree uplifted from its roots and not to mention many snakes that day! Mike walked ahead of me to warn of any more! I've had a fear of them ever since I was little but I still continued on to see what Russel Wright's house looked like in the middle of the woods.

Bear Mt. Bridge

I took this over looking the Bear Mountain Bridge. My family has sailed past this bridge many times before, since the marina is a few minutes down the river, but I actually never got a chance to see everything that high up.

Bear Mt. Bridge

That's me overlooking the bridge after hiking in the morning. I was so glad I wore a sweater! It was so chilly even in the afternoon. This adventure has inspired me to work with the fall color palette. Look for something fallish in the shop soon!

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