Thursday, March 25, 2010

Products for Dry Skin

We all have our own beauty regemin and products we adore, so I thought that I'd share my favortie skincare lines I use daily.
The first skin care line is called Sothys. I discovered this brand a few years ago when I got my first facial at the local spa with my dear friend Lisa. I have dry skin, so I am always looking for a product that will not only moisturize my face, but also leave me with a glowing complexion. Oh and something that doesn't clog my pores! After telling my facialist my concerns, she recommended this Moisturiser from the Sothys Line called "Sothys Hydroptimale(r) THI3 Comfort hydrating cream".

I love this product because it feels so silky when you apply it! It's a rich water-based cream that has long lasting protection and hydration up to 16 hours! Brace your self though, it will set you back $54. But it can last you a much longer if you take smaller amounts. I've tried almost every single brand to help with my dry skin, but this is one of the few that works well even after so many hours on.

Sometimes, I like to switch up my products. Last spring, I found this amazing brand called "Lush". They make the most amazing soaps, and they smell absolutely devine! On a whim, I picked up their product called "Skin Drink." It's loaded with aloe vera decoction, vitamin-rich sesame oil and moisturizing fresh avocado; perfect ingreidents to fight dry skin. At $19, this is a great subsitute for the Sothy's Comfort cream. The only downside of Skin Drink is it doesn't smell and needs I think a little frangance to it.

I hope you enjoyed my feedback on these two products and if you suffer from dry skin like me you'll find some of this information helpful! Look out for more reviews on products through out the blog from now on. I love testing out products
and finding ones are great and ones to pass on.


Brittany Lauren

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